HMCS Sackville Tours

Members of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (CNMT) invite participants of this year's DEFSEC Atlantic to visit HMCS SACKVILLE and take a tour while the ship is alongside during the exhibition.

Welcome Aboard!
HMCS Sackville - Canada's Naval Memorial

Named after the Town of Sackville, NB, SACKVILLE was commissioned in 1941 in Saint John, NB. She is the last of 269 corvettes built by the Allies during WW II; more than 120 of them built in Canadian shipyards.

SACKVILLE served in several roles during a 40 year career. One of the ship's most memorable wartime experiences occurred in August 1942 when she was part of a west-bound escort group that encountered enemy U-boats off the Grand Banks. During a 24 hour period SACKVILLE engaged three U-Boats and damaged two of them, forcing their withdrawal from the convoy attack.

After the war, SACKVILLE served as a naval auxiliary vessel conducting oceanographic research. She ended her active service in the early 1980s. In 1982, the Naval Officers Association of Canada took the lead and the volunteer CNMT was established to acquire and restore SACKVILLE to her 1944 configuration. She was designated Canada's Naval Memorial 1985.

CNMT has launched a project to commemorate an important part of Canada's history. Battle of the Atlantic Place will be a defining piece of architecture for Halifax and for Canada. The structure will not only house HMCS SACKVILLE - the only surviving Corvette - it will be home to a state-of-the-art interpretive centre which will deliver the story of Canada's role in the battle in a compelling, comprehensive way. The Board of Directors of CNMT is working with the public and private sectors to identify funding, design and related requirements for the project.

CNMT maintains and operates SACKVILLE as a national memorial and museum for the benefit of all Canadians through the support of Trustees across the country, the Canadian Navy and corporate partners. SACKVILLE is an enduring symbol of Canada's key role in helping to win the Battle of the Atlantic during WW II, and of the service and sacrifice of our sailors in times of peace, national catastrophe, international tension and war.

Each year, SACKVILLE welcomes thousands of visitors at her summer berth adjacent to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. In the winter the ship is berthed in HMC Dockyard. Throughout the year, the ship hosts a number of events and functions in support of naval, community and corporate organizations.

Please take the opportunity to view our display in the dining area, visit the ship and consider becoming a Trustee or corporate supporter. SACKVILLE is available for hosting events and the ship's Gift Shop offers a wide selection of gifts and naval memorabilia.

For further information on the Trust and ship activities, contact CNMT Executive Director Doug Thomas by e-mail at, or by phone (902) 721-1206.