Cunard Centre Room Rentals

Last Revised January 16, 2020

Cunard Centre Floor Meeting Rooms are available!

We can provide a number of meeting rooms which can be rented either by the hour or by the day.  The hourly rate is $130 + HST, the daily rate for Wednesday is $850 + HST and the daily rate for Thursday is $650 + HST (which is a savings of 20% if you require access the entire day).

Meeting rooms located on the DEFSEC Atlantic floor are constructed of hardwall walls (however, no roof) and a solid door and are located all around the building. They offer a level of privacy beyond an open meeting on the exhibition floor. All rooms are equipped with an electrical duplex (2 outlets). If we have advance notice of your requirements, they can also be equipped with audio-visual equipment and even catered, at a nominal expense.

If you have any questions about meeting rooms availability, facilities, or would like to book a room, please contact the Deputy Director, John Benson at